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Lenise Robinson

- Posh by Lenise | time with IEC: 4 years

IEC has assisted me by creating an atmosphere that promotes entrepreneurship. I have always known that I wanted to be a business owner so the knowledge I've gained around building a brand, setting goals, and communication is invaluable. Since there, I've had the pleasure of watching 2 team members move on to open their own salons! In addition, working in an environment where teamwork is not only encouraged, but celebrated, has allowed me to learn a great deal technically from my peers.

I was inspired to join the IEC team when I saw all of the community events they hosted. Not only was the salon focused on entrepreneurship, but giving back was also a huge part of the core values, and that is vitally important to me. It didn't hurt that one of my mentors was already working there too!

To new IEC team members, take full advantage of this amazing opportunity to grow and learn from other great artists. Take in all that you can, but give back as well. Lend your strengths to any and everything that you can while you're there, and encourage your team mates to do the same. IEC is truly a special place. Since I've been a team member, I've enjoyed the flexibility of being able to work as a part-time stylist, sharing a space with several other IEC stylists. This has worked in my benefit since I've been able to continue working my full-time job, and be able to afford the part-time status with IEC. The other stylists and I have always been open and willing to adjust to each other's schedules to make our shared space work. Overall, it's been a great fit for me.

Dene't Radden

- Le Chic Salon and Boutique | time with IEC: 2.5 years

IEC has been instrumental in my growth as a stylist and a business owner in many ways. The consistent motivation through open communication and limitless availability of time and knowledge in my business and personal life that I continue to use and pass on as I move forward as a salon owner.

I joined the IEC team as a new stylist because of my mentor and IEC owner Dionne Hughes whose career I followed as a teenager and into my adult years. I finally met Dionne after she allowed me to take part in a class for licensed stylist only, as I was still a student. I was overwhelmed with her generous, caring, and nurturing spirit so much so that I instantly knew that IEC was where I was supposed to be.

I would encourage a new team member to always stay confident in the possibilities of their gift. At IEC you have a team of ever growing stylist that no matter how big the clientele or how great the pay will always be by your side and available to encourage, teach, and cheer you on no matter the task at hand.

Linda Jordan

- Create An Image Hair & Spa | time with IEC: 5 years

The events from our past projects, like our Back to School Hair & Fashion Show, displaying our talents & skills while marketing our individual business, just pushed me out of my comfort zone. It caused me to "Set Goal, Dream Big, And Do It", with my goals as a Freelance Make-up & Hair Art Artist.

I have now accomplished, Hair & Fashion Shows, Video Shoots by Jerry TV Production "Bon Secour Prostate Cancer.More...Magazine & Glamour Shoots, TV Segments "Good Morning WWBTChannel 6... on Curly Hair, Magazine for "IEC Back to School Events" featuring my work & skills Hair, Make-up, Fashion...Richmond Public Utilities Commercial Hair & Make-up. This was mostly new to me!

Inspired by The IEC Team Community Reach out Services...

Encouraging words: (SET GOALS, DREAM BIG, & DO IT!)

Randolph Nelson

- June the Barber | time with IEC: 2.5 years

IEC assisted me with staying focused and following my dreams.

I was inspired to become part of the IEC team because it is a spiritual and encouraging work place.

I would encourage new team members to be open minded and don't be a person that knows it all. Always save room for improvement.

Star Davis

- Isis the Salon| time with IEC: 4 years

I've been in the industry for 5 years. 4 of those years have been spent at the Image Enhancement Center. In the beginning stages of my journey at IEC I held several different jobs afraid to let go and most certainly afraid of the unknown. It wasn't until summer 2012 I decided to make a change. Putting all of my other endeavors with the exception of college aside to focus on growing my business.

Without the loving push of Dionne Hughes (owner) that leap wouldn't have occurred. Dionne was someone whom I had looked up to since the tender age of 5 and finally taking her advice and words of encouragement I truly don't feel like until summer 2012 I started prospering. Though she had told me the same information time and time again, it finally stuck!

Since being at IEC I have not just grown professionally but personally. Each and every step has been a lesson learned and with the daily assistance of Wendy Cousins (Operations Manager) I have been able to take each situation and grow from it. Without Wendy there daily as a listening ear and a watchful eye throughout my time at IEC it would have not been such a growing environment.

My best advice to a new comer is to LISTEN to those at IEC whom have been put into place for you and take advantage of every opportunity. And don't let years pass you by and miss out on this great learning experience like I did ;)

Rauiesha Lewis

- Precious Place Salon | time with IEC: n/a

My tenure at IEC was short but very rewarding.Being at IEC has taught me so much about team work, communication, and proper planning.

I chose IEC as my temporary location between the moving of my business because of the relaxing atmosphere it provides for my clients and myself.

The IEC Team has been so supportive and helpful throughout my transition. Already being a Salon owner of 4 years I had no idea I would gain so much in such a short period of time from another salon. I actually wish I had more time to absorb as much as I could. My stop at IEC was truly a part of my father's plan for me and I am forever grateful.

Janelle Williford

- A Touch of Beauty | time with IEC: 1 year

I have been a member of the IEC team for a year. Being a part of this salon has served as a great experience from day one. I had the chance to meet new people that shared my passion and offered me helpful tips along the way. IEC’s environment is fun, upbeat and full of energy. I have learned so much in a year’s time.

What inspired me to become a member of team IEC was the family oriented environment that gave constant encouragement and support in being an entrepreneur in the beauty industry.

If I had to give any words of encouragement, I would say to be patient and have a purpose. Do not focus on where you are but know that you have some place you need to be. In due time all of what you have envisioned for yourself will come to pass but you have to believe in yourself and stay focus on where you are going. Keep faith within a higher power and have faith in what you can do as an artist. Hair stylists are artist and this industry is our canvas. Love what you do.

Wendy Cousins

- Salon 2000 | time with IEC: 7 years

I have been with IEC for 7 years and manager for 3 years.

IEC has helped me to become a better person and stylist by bringing me out of my comfort zone. I am more excited about learning and doing new things.

IEC has given me all the inspiration, guidance, love, support, and knowledge I will need when and if I decide to expand Salon 2000. We are a TEAM, we work as 1. I am more excited when IEC gives back to the community. It's not always about the money; we love and enjoy our community events we do for different occasions.

IEC is a salon you will enjoy working at. We have a wonderful team of stylist who is more than willing to help anyone along the way and a nice relaxing environment your clients will enjoy.

Eboni Rufus

- Indulge Salon and Spa | time with IEC: 6 years

In 2007 I was in transition and could not decide whether or not to shut my business down. Dionne saw how hurt I was to have to be in a position to close down and suggested that we team up and make a difference in the industry. That day changed my life, dreams, and vision. Dionne and Team IEC was like my earth angel. Image Enhancement Center truly enhanced my being spiritually, mentally, financially. I am blessed beyond my imagination to be a part of a dynamic team.

In the 6 years that I have been apart of this annointed business we have given back to the community, build powerful business owner's (including myself), donated services to those in need, Networking events, all which are to help and give back to others. Words can never express my gratitude. IEC is more than just a salon/spa, IEC is a replica of heaven on earth. And it truly defines life as the sky being the limit. IEC has changed my life by sowing seeds in my company, praying, motivating me to do better, and inspiring me to be the best business owner that I can be.

To be a team member of IEC says that you are highly favored and your business is about to take off to a new dimension. Side note to all prospects "Dont let the hairstyles and cuts fool you because we are all about our business. I love IEC and the positvity that it represents.