Our History

Image Enhancement Center (IEC) opened August 2006 in the downtown Richmond, Virginia area. Coming to IEC, you will experience an open, relaxing, yet fun environment. The creativity of individual business owners is ecstatic to witness.

Our one-on-one evaluation offer assistance to create personal marketing strategies for your team. With over 16 years of salon ownership, the founder of IEC works diligently with the team so you'll have hands on leadership experiences.

Company Values

  • Shared visions: The team strives to support one another in elevating their businesses.
  • Teamwork: Our consistent team meetings allow everyone the chance to express themselves and work together to maintain a safe and sanitized environment for clients.
  • Respect: Understanding each team members level of growth and encouraging one another to stay focused and inspired.
  • Self Confidence: Believing in your leadership ability to set goals, take risk and overcome obstacles.
  • Trust: Building relationships through open and honest communication along with networking with one another has been the foundation of trust.

Our Mission Statement

To cultivate the gift of entrepreneurship in those who desire to be successful leaders in the hair and spa industry.


Our vision is to be a powerful source of information to aspiring hair and spa owners. Assisting them in obtaining the knowledge and experience needed to accomplish personal goals in this industry.

About The Owner

Dionne M. Hughes Founder of Image Enhancement Center 2006-Present

Celebrity Stylist to Angela Bassett, Cecily Tyson and Music Artist Esnavi


Dionne M. Hughes is a native of Richmond, Virginia and mother of two sons. Dionne specializes in healthy hair, custom weaves, wigs and extensions. She has over 22 years of experience as a licensed cosmetologist and has been a salon owner for 16 years. After taking a step of faith and opening her first salon (P'Casso's Hair Gallery) from 1997-2006, Dionne found a passion to assist others in gaining the knowledge needed to open and operate successful hair salons.

She founded Image Enhancement Center (IEC) in 2006, which is a faith – based company…to enhance goals, visions and dreams of its team members. She views her team members as caterpillars when they first join IEC. As they develop through written exercises and workshops provided by IEC, she observes the transformation that takes place internally in each individual. After assisting them, she believes that they elevate to the level of butterflies which takes them to the next dimension of entrepreneurship. The founders' knowledge and creative ideas of entrepreneurship has not been retrieved out of texts or articles. Giving no credit to herself, she offers all praise to God, her divine director and leader. As Dionne continues to elevate, she motivates the team members
of IEC to take chances and be creative with doing new things. She believes to be an effective entrepreneur, you have to be willing to take risks, overcome challenges and keep (it) moving. As she moves forward in pursuing other dreams and desires that God has placed in her, her prayer is that the "butterflies" (entrepreneurs) of IEC will receive the knowledge and experience needed to launch successful businesses.

                                                Her goal is to continue to inspire, motivate and educate her clients and team members. DREAM, BELIEVE AND YOU WILL SUCCEED.

"I am happy and joyful when I see my clients leave my salon with confidence, security and satisfaction".Dionne M. Hughes                                                                                                                                                                                             Facebook Instagram Twitter